A Treachery of Ravens (March 29, 2022)  

The Chronicles of Osmaria

The realm of Osmaria hasn’t seen magic in centuries. It has been a thing of legends, shared around the fire.A disowned son of a duke, Cyrus Arbritrem has only two goals in life. Find his lover's murderer and never again let anyone close enough to get hurt. The last thing he wants is the complication of escorting a naïve runaway through the wilderness.

Elspeth Cadwgan has tried to be the good daughter her family expects. Until being the good daughter meant a life in a loveless marriage. She wants the chance to see the world and find her purpose. Magic wasn't part of her plans.

Discovering a plot that threatens the future of Osmaria, they must find the courage to be the legends of their time.


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A Shadow of Wolves (TBD)

The Chronicles of Osmaria

The second book of The Chronicles of Osmaria.

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Book 3 (TBD)

The Chronicles of Osmaria

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